Creative Advertising

Lloyds Bank – Lend a Hand Mortgage

Lloyds tampon newLloyds wank newlloyds weed newlloyds mag new

Fridge Raiders – Chicken Skewers

fridge raiders 2fridge raiders4fridge raiders 1fridge raiders skyscraperFR urinal 2FR loo

Sailor Jerry spiced rum

Sailor jerry1Sailor jerry3Sailor jerry 2

SJ bus shelterSJ bottle newdrink coaster SJ to print

Vauxhall Corsa-E


Vauxhall gorilla 2

Adidas – Find your Glow, Bring it Home.



Milguard Ocean

milguard ocean 2where do fishnets belong

For and against arguments for screening for Group B Strep.

antibioticsFor GBS

HK Wentworth and Hekko – The Soldering Experts.





Objective: Nimble has always been seen as an old fashioned brand of bread. Since the acquisition from Hovis we want to increase the sales of Nimble to women who are dieting in preparation for the summer.

Target market: Gym going women

Strategy: The advertising will achieve it’s objective by showing gym-goers that working out isn’t the only way to lose weight ready for summer.

Proposition: For that lighter feeling



Social Media

Hovis instaHovis insta 3Hovis insta 2




Product/Service: Marigold Extra Life Gloves

Objective: To attract a new market (young adults) and convince them to buy Marigold Extra Life Gloves

Target Market: 18-25 year olds

Strategy: The advertising will achieve it’s task By incorporating cleaning into aspects of pop culture to bring Marigold Gloves to the attention of a younger audience.

Proposition: #MakeABandCleaner


  1. Keeps hands clean – away from gross stuff
  2. Protects hands from harmful stuff
  3. Tough, durable and comfortable – nicer to use 

Competition: Cheaper own brand rubber gloves, throw away latex gloves

Mandatory: Pack shot

Tone of voice: Colloquial, fun, playful

Desired consumer response: Laugh out loud and buy Marigold Gloves

Media requirement: 3 executions of print campaign


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