How to write headings

The following assignment displays my work writing headings from different purposes, based on the information given in the copy.

Writing effective headings assignment

Exercise 1

“McDonalds, Birmingham, are encouraging children to do their school homework by offering free meals to those who get all their assignments in on time for a whole term.”

  1. (informs 10 words) McDonalds gives free meals to hardworking students
  2. (intrigues 10 words) How doing your homework can earn you free food
  3. (web 55 characters) Free McDonalds meals for homework in on time
  4. (web 55 characters’ alternative) Free McDonalds for hardworking Birmingham students

Exercise 2

“A girl aged five is celebrating Christmas three months early, in Disneyland, because she has cancer and will not survive until December. Her name is Gracie Bragg, from Salford, Manchester. Smithsons, a firm of Salford estate agents, are paying for the trip.”

  1. (informs 10 words) Early Disney Christmas for 5-year-old cancer patient
  2. (intrigues 10 words) 5 year old’s last wish granted just in time
  3. (web 55 characters) Salford business sends dying girl to Disney for Xmas

Exercise 3

“Scientists in Toronto, Canada, have discovered a new drug that can reverse the growth of breast cancer tumours.”

  1. (informs 10 words) Canadian scientists discover breast cancer cure
  2. (intrigues 10 words) Have these scientists found the cure for cancer?
  3. (web 55 characters) This Canadian drug can reverse breast cancer tumour


Tutor Comments:

Grade – A

“Nicole this is spot as an assignment. You’ve fully grasped the difference between the three types of headlines. You’ve managed also to produce good measured headlines which fulfil all the briefs. The web headlines are particularly difficult to do but you’ve done a great job. Not everyone manages to do this, so very well done.”

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