The Swindon Advertiser


‘Melinda’s modelling once more’ The Swindon Advertiser 29th October 2008

‘Newly-born chicks defying nature’ The Swindon Advertiser 30th October 2008

‘Autumn fun on the farm’ The Swindon Advertiser 31st October 2008

‘Sculpture fun has young enthralled’ The Swindon Advertiser 31st October 2008

‘Tribute to respected priest Michael’ The Swindon Advertiser 1st November 2008

‘Team wins wacky rally in an old banger’ The Swindon Advertiser 4th November 2008


‘On this day’ Column for The Swindon Advertiser 2008.


“Nicole Tierney came to the Swindon Advertiser for a week of work experience in October 2008, during this time she was a valuable asset to the newsroom. She interviewed a number of people, organised photographs of them and wrote a number of news stories. The quality of the work she produced surpassed that of 95 per cent of the work experience placement students we have here. Nicole was a pleasure to have here and we would gladly have her back whenever she wanted.”

Reference from Matthew Pardo, Deputy News Editor, Swindon Advertiserfullsizerenderfullsizerender2fullsizerender3fullsizerender4fullsizerender5fullsizerender6

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