VW Campervan promotional copy



IDEA: Revamping one of the old 1960/1970s VW camper advertisements. Using words and phrases from the original advertisements but applying to a 2016 target audience.



[HEADING] Box yourself in and let yourself go.

The Twenty-teens are the era of the Upcycler. Taking all the greatness of the past and making it new, fresh and exciting again. Now is the time to bundle up your family and hit the road, old school.

Since the 1960s the box-like VW Campervan has been a family favourite. Why not bring back the good old times and take a trip to Hotel Volkswagon? For the modern glamper, any equipment has to have versatility and reliability, this classic VW is both, has both in the bucket loads.

The Campervan is a car, van and motorised caravan in one, fully functional and includes everything you could need, wardrobe, locker, 2 ring hob, 8 chairs, 21 windows, 5 doors, ice box, water pump, pop-up top, even the kitchen sink.

For over 50 years the VW Campervan has been home to families exploring new places, embarking on new adventures and making exciting memories that last a lifetime. It’s time for you and your family join them.

[SEPARATE CTA BUTTON/LINK] Take back your weekends.

Tutor comments:

Grade – A

“Nicole I enjoyed reading this, it’s a very good intro to the camper van. It was well written, thoughtfully considered and covered all the bases. Your spelling, grammar and sentence structure were good too. Great qualities in a copywriter, following the brief is essential. 

Cars can be quite dry in terms of subject matter but you’ve handled the story very well. There are some lovely turns of phrase in here and it has a very easy and effortless style. Well done, a great assignment.”

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