Copywriting attributes, personal slogan and Tesco promotional copy

Nicole Tierney


My three best copywriting attributes – written in copy

Undesirable hours? Multitasking? Story-telling?

Child’s play.

Who knows how to do these things better than a parent?

A parent who wants to be a copywriter!

Personal Slogan


Words above and below the slogan are a design idea. A scroll down list that can be interchangeable for different publications. The below images are an example of the design.







Want it done now? Ask mum.


with care


Tesco promotional copy:

Have you tried our Meat Free Vegetable Fingers? Tesco’s own brand frozen finger foods have a new addition and we think you’ll love them!

Whether your family are regular meat eaters or follow a vegan diet, our Vegetable Fingers are so tasty, not even the fussiest members will be able to resist. Packed full of peas, carrots, potato, sweetcorn and covered in yummy breadcrumbs, they are a tasty, healthy alternative to fish or chicken fingers.

Low in saturates and sugars, we take pride in keeping our Tesco own brand products as healthy as possible for you and your loved ones.

Every Little Helps so for a limited time only, our delicious new Meat Free Vegetable Fingers are 2 for £2.50, in stores and online.

Whilst in the frozen aisle, why not give our other Tesco Meat Free products a go?  Tesco Meat Free 4 Vegetable Quarter Pounders and Tesco Meat Free 4 Cauliflower Cheese Grills are also included in our 2 for £2.50 offer, while stocks last!

Tutor comments:

Grade – A

“Nicole you have done a good job with this assignment. You wrote the first task to the correct length and fulfilled the brief well. It’s difficult to put everything into 50 words but you succeeded, well done. Your slogan worked very well, the reader has got to understand it immediately, and I think they would with this one. Your final piece was very cleverly edited. I actually enjoyed the first attempt but the second sold the Tesco product much better.  It was exactly what copywriting should be – to the point, accurate and clear. There was no mistake what you were selling nor what your objective was, these are both essential copywriting skills. A great effort. Well done.”


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